About Scentsy

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is a direct selling, wickless candle company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. The company is owned by Orville and Heidi Thompson and sells its products through a field sales force of more than 100,000 independent sales representatives known as Independent Scentsy Consultants, who market and sell Scentsy products through home parties.

What are wickless candles?

A wickless candle, called a Scentsy Bar or a Scentsy Brick, is a highly fragrant wax bar that is warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. And, because there is no flame, there is no smoke, soot, or lead. Scentsy wickless candles are a safer alternative to traditional candles.

How is the wax warmed?

Scentsy’s beautiful ceramic warmers house a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick, filling your home with one of more than 80 distinctive, long-lasting scents.

The combination of a Scentsy Warmer with a Scentsy Bar is known as a Scentsy System.

Can I buy Scentsy in a retail location?

No. Scentsy is a direct selling company with a field sales force. I am a Independent Scentsy Consultant, who sells Scentsy through home parties, open houses, fairs and shows, and fundraisers. Scentsy products are perfect for sharing in a party environment.

How can I buy Scentsy products?

Contact your local Independent Scentsy Consultant (or me!) to place an order or host a party. When you host a party, you have a chance to share more than 80 unique Scentsy fragrances and dozens of warmers with your friends and family. Scentsy parties are easy to host—and you can earn free and half-price products while you’re having fun!